Turkey 1914-Present

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This map shows the complex developments in the last days of the Ottoman Empire, succeeded by the Republic of Turkey. In 1914 the Ottoman Empire had  joined Germany as one of the Central Powers in WWI. Consequently, the Allies invaded Turkey in Europe, from the Middle East and the Caucasus.  In the aftermath of WWI, further parts of Turkey were occupied by Greece and Italy, while an international zone was established around Istanbul and the Dardanelles. At the Treaty of Sevres, Turkey was split up and its future territory limited to the Anatolian mainland. However, by then the Turkish revolutionaries, under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, had begun to gain ground. Eventually, the current borders of Turkey were established with the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, upon which the last foreign troops withdrew. A Turkish claim on the Kurdish area around Mosul in Iraq was dropped by Turkey in 1926. In 1974 Turkey invaded part  of Cyprus where it established a Turkish Cypriot Republic.

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