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Having been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Carpatho-Ukraine – a region also known as Ruthenia – became part of Czechoslovakia in 1918. In 1938 Carpatho-Ukraine got its own parliament, just as Czechia and Slovakia, the other constituent parts of Czechoslovakia. At the same time, part of Carpatho-Ukraine was ceded to Hungary. In 1939 all of Carpatho-Ukraine was annexed by Hungary. In 1944 a provisional Czechoslovak government was installed. Shortly after, an independent provisional government was installed with the goal to become part of the Soviet Union, which Carpatho-Ukrain became in 1945. Currently, the region is part of Ukraine. A stamp was issued at the occasion of the installation of the Carpatho-Ukraine parliament in 1938. In 1944/1945 stamps were issued by both the Czechoslovak and independent provisional governments.

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