Austria 1850-1918

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This map shows the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918. Lombardy and Venetia were ceded to Italy in 1859 and 1866 respectively. As of 1867, Austria and Hungary were de jure independent countries ruled in personal union, the Austrian emperor also being king of Hungary. As of 1871, Hungary has issued its own stamps. Austria-Hungary was one of the Central Powers in WWI and, as such, took part in the occupation of parts of the Balkans, Italy and Russia. During WWI, stamps were issued for the occupied territories in the Balkans and in Italy.

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2 Responses to Austria 1850-1918

  1. Jeff


    I like your maps. One thing I like is that you use colors that are easy for me to distinguish. :)
    I noticed a small typographic error in the box at the lower right of this map: Central Powers WOI instead of WWI


    • Gerben


      I’m glad the color scheme suits you. And thanks for pointing out the typo. I originally made the maps in Dutch, missed this one in translating.

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