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This section provides an index of the stamp issuing entities within the scope of this site and has links to the country profiles in which they are described. The index will grow with each country profile that is published.

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Saba, regional issues see Caribbean Netherlands
Sabah see Malaysia, North Borneo
Safad, local issues see Israel
Saint Christoffer see Saint Kitts
Sainte Marie de Madagascar
Saint George, postmaster issues see Bermuda
Saint Helena
Saint Kitts
Saint Kitts & Nevis see Saint Kitts, Nevis & Anguilla
Saint Kitts, Nevis & Anguilla
Saint Lucia
Saint Martin see Sint Maarten
Saint-Pierre & Miquelon
Saint Vincent
Salamanca, local issues see Mexico – Mexican Revolution
Samoa Express, private issues see Samoa
San Luis Potosi, local issues see Mexico – Mexican Revolution
Santa Cruz, local issues see Bolivia
Santander, state issues see Colombia
Sao Paulo, insurgent issues see Brazil
São Tomé & Príncipe
Sarawak, Japanese occupation see Japan
Saudi Arabia
Saurashtra, feudatory state see India
SCADTA, airline issues see Colombia
SCADTA Ecuador, see Ecuador
Schülke & Mayr shipping company see German East Africa
Schweizer Reneke, local issues 1900 see Transvaal
Scinde, district issues see India
Selangor see Malaysia
Selangor, Japanese occupation see Japan
Selma, local issues see United States
Senegambia & Niger
Shaanxi, regional issues see China, Peoples Republic
Shaanxi, North Shaanxi, regional issues see China, Peoples Republic
Shandong, regional issues see China, Peoples Republic
Shanghai, local issues see China, Empire
Shanghai, provincial issues 1940-1943 see China, Republic
Shanghai, United States offices in China see China, Empire/United States
Shan States, Japanese occupation see BurmaJapan
Shansi, Japanese occupation see China, Republic/Japan
Shansi, provincial issues 1949 see China, Republic
Shantou, local issues see China, Peoples Republic
Shantung, Japanese occupation see China, Republic/Japan
Shanxi – Chahar – Hebei Border Area see China, Peoples Republic
Shensi, provincial issues 1940-1943 see China, Republic
Shensi, provincial issues 1949 see China, Republic
Siam see Thailand
Sichuan, East Sichuan, regional issues see China, Peoples Republic
Sichuan, West Sichuan, regional issues see China, Peoples Republic
Sierra Leone
Sinaloa, insurgent issues see Mexico
Sinaloa, local issues see Mexico – Mexican Revolution
Sinkiang, provincial issues see China, Republic
Sinkiang, provincial issues 1949 see China, Republic
Sint Eustatius, regional issues see Caribbean Netherlands
Sint Maarten
Sion, private ir post issues see Switzerland
Sirmoor, feudatory state see India
Smiltene, local issues see Latvia
Solomon Islands
Solothurn, private air post issues see Switzerland
Somaliland protectorate see British Somaliland
Somaliland, republic of see Somalia
Somaliland, State of see Somalia
Sonora, local issues see Mexico – Mexican Revolution
Sonora, state issues see Mexico – Mexican Revolution
Soruth, feudatory state see India
South Africa
South African Republic see Transvaal
South Arabia
South Australia
South Central Vietnam, regional issues see Vietnam
South China Liberation Area see China, Peoples Republic
South Georgia see Falkland Islands
South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands
Southern Nigeria
Southern Rhodesia
South Kasai
South Korea see Korea
South Korea, North Korean occupation see Korea
South Korea, United States administration see Korea
South Orkney Islands see Falkland Islands
South Ossetia, regional issues see Georgia
South Shetland Islands see Falkland Islands
South Sudan
South Vietnam see Vietnam
South West Africa
Southwest China Liberation Area see China, Peoples Republic
South Yemen see Yemen
Spanish Guinea
Spanish Morocco
Spanish offices in Morocco see Morocco
Spanish offices in Tangier see Morocco
Spanish offices in Tetuan see Morocco
Spanish Sahara
Spanish Territories in the Gulf of Guinea
Spanish West Africa
Spanish West Indies
Sri Lanka
State of Upper Yafa see Aden
State of Burma see Burma
St. Louis, local issues see United States
Stockholm, local issues 1856-1862 see Sweden
Stoos, hotel post issues see Switzerland
Straits Settlements see Malaysia
Straits Settlements, Japanese occupation see Japan/Malaysia
Straits Settlements office in Bangkok see Malaysia/Thailand
Suez Canal Company see Egypt
Sumatra, Japanese occupation see Japan/Netherlands Indies
Sumatra, regional issues see Indonesia
Sungei Ujong see Malaysia
Suomi see Finland
Supeh, Japanese occupation see China, Republic/Japan
Swatow, Japanese occupation see China, Republic/Japan
Syndicat Français des Nouvelles Hebrides see New Hebrides
Syndicato Condor, airline issues see Brazil
Syria & Greater Lebanon see Syria
Szechwan, provincial issues see China, Republic
Szechwan, provincial issues 1949 see China, Republic

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TAAF see French Southern & Antarctic Lands
Tabriz, local issues  see Iran
Tabriz, local premium issues  see Iran
Tacna, local postal tax issues see Chile
Taiwan see China, Taiwan
Taiwan, Japanese administration see China, Taiwan
Tallinn, local issues see Estonia
Tampere, local issues see Finland
Tanganyika & Zanzibar see Tanzania
Tangier see Morocco
Tangxian, local issues see China, Peoples Republic
Tannu Tuva see Tuva
Tartu, local issues see Estonia
Tashqurgan, district issues see Afghanistan
Tch’ong-K’ing, Indochinese offices in China see China, Empire/French Indochina
Tegucigalpa, local issues see Honduras
Tehran, local isssues  see Iran
Tehran, local premium issues  see Iran
Tel Aviv, postmaster issues see Israel
Telegrafo Trasandino, private telegraph issues see Argentina
Telšiai, local issues see Lithuania
T.E.O. see Territoires Ennemis Occupés see Syria
Terengganu see Trengganu see Malaysia
Terres Australes & Antarctiques Françaises see French Southern & Antarctic Lands
Territoires Ennemis Occupés see Syria
Tetuan, Spanish office see Morocco
Thai occupation of Malaya see Malaysia/Thailand
Thule, private issues see Greenland
Tianjin, local issues see China, Peoples Republic
Tiberias, local issues see Israel
Tibet, Chinese offices in Tibet see China, Empire/Tibet
Tienshei, local issues see China, Peoples Republic
Tientsin, German offices in China see China, Empire
Tientsin, Italian offices in China see China, Empire
Tierra del Fuego, private issues see Argentina
Timor-Leste see Timor
Timor Lorosae see Timor
Tin Can Island see Niuafo’ou
Tlacotalpan, local issues see Mexico
Tobago Cays see Saint Vincent
Toga see Tonga
Togoland see Togo
Tolima, state issues see Colombia
Tonkin see Annam & Tonkin
Torreon, local issues see Mexico – Mexican Revolution
Travancore, feudatory state see India
Travancore-Cochin, feudatory state see India
Trengganu see Malaysia
Trengganu, Japanese occupation see Japan/Malaysia
Trinidad & Tobago
Tripoli, Italian Office see Italian Tripolitania
Tripolitania see Italian Tripolitania
Tristan da Cunha
Trucial States
Tsinghai, provincial issues 1949 see China, Republic
Tsingtao, provincial issues 1949 see China, Republic
Tulcan, local issues see Ecuador
Tumaco, local issues see Colombia
Tungschi, local issues see China, Peoples Republic
Tunguragua, provincial issues see Ecuador
Turks Islands see Turks & Caicos Islands
Turks & Caicos Islands
Tuscumbia, local issues see United States

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Ubangi-Shari-Chad see Ubangi-Shari
Ukmergė, local issues see Lithuania
Ulaanbaatar, local issues see Mongolia
Umm al-Qaiwain
UNEF see United Nations Emergency Force see India
Union Island see Saint Vincent
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Republic see Syria
United Nations, international organization see Switzerland
United Nations – Geneva
United Nations – New York
United Nations Emergency Force see India
United Nations Temporary Executive Administration see Netherlands New Guinea
United Nations Transitional Administration East Timor see Timor
United Republic of Tanganyika & Zanzibar see Tanzania
United States
United States occupation of Cuba see Cuba/United States
United States occupation of Guam see United States
United States occupation of the Philippines  see Philippines/United States
United States occupation of Puerto Rico see Puerto Rico/United States
United States offices in China see China, Empire/United States
Universal Postal Union, international orgnization see Switzerland
UNTAET see United Nations Transitional Administration East Timor see Timor
UNTEA see United Nations Temporary Executive Administration see Netherlands New Guinea
Upper Senegal & Niger
Upper Volta
Urundi, Local issues Belgian occupation see Belgian Congo

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Value only see British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia
Vancouver Island see British Columbia & Vancouver Island
Van Diemen’s Land see Tasmania
VARIG, airline issues see Brazil
Varviškė, local issues see Lithuania
Vilna, occupation issues see Lithuania
Vilnius, occupation issues see Vilna, see Lithuania
Victoria Land see Ross Dependency
Viet Cong see Vietnam
Villa Bella, local issues see Bolivia
Virgin Islands
Vohemar, local issues see Madagascar
Volksrust, local issues 1902 see Transvaal
Vryburg, local issues 1900 see Cape of Good Hope/Transvaal
Vryburg, South African Republic occupation issues see Cape of Good Hope/Transvaal

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Wadhwan, feudatory state see India
Wallis & Futuna
Warwiszki,  local issues see Varviškė, see Lithuania
Watlam, provincial issues 1949 see China, Republic
Wenden, local issues see Latvia
Western Australia
Western Sahara see Spanish Sahara
Western Samoa see Samoa
West Irian, regional issues see Indonesia
West Russian Army, army issues  see Latvia/Lithuania
West Szechwan, provincial issues 1940-1943 see China, Republic
Wilaya Persekutuan see Federal territories of Malaysia see Malaysia
Wolmaranstad, local issues 1900 see Transvaal
World Health Organization, international organiztion see Switzerland
World Intellectual Property Organization, international organization see Switzerland
World Metereological Organization, international organization see Switzerland
Wuga, local issues see German East Africa
Wuhu, local issues see China, Republic/China, Peoples Republic
Wushi, local issues see China, Peoples Republic

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Yafa, State of see Aden
Yca, local issues see Peru
Xinjiang, regional issues see China, Peoples Republic
Young Island see Saint Vincent
Yucatan, insurgent issues see Mexico
Yunnan, provincial issues see China, Republic
Yunnan, provincial issues 1940-1943 see China, Republic
Yunnan, provincial issues 1949 see China, Republic
Yunnan-Fou, Indochinese offices in China see China, Empire/French Indochina
Yunnanfou, Indochinese offices in China see China, Empire/French Indochina
Yunnanfu, Indochinese offices in China see China, Empire/French Indochina
Yunnansen, Indochinese offices in China see China, Empire/French Indochina
Zacatecas, local issues see Mexico – Mexican Revolution
Zarasai, local issues see Lithuania
Zelaya, regional issues see Nicaragua
Zeppelin mail see Brazil
Zhengzou, local issus see China, Peoples Republic
Zil Eloinge Sesel see Seychelles
Zil Elwannyen Sesel see Seychelles
Zulia, local issues see Venezuela
Zurich, cantonal issues see Switzerland

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