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General issues: Peoples republic of Tannu Tuva 1926, Peoples republic of Tuva 1926-1944

Country name on general issues: Country name in Mongolian script, Tovva, Touva, Tьвa, ТЬІВА

Currency: 1 Tugrik (Ruble) = 100 Mung (Kopeks) 1926-1936, 1 Akşa = 100 Kopeks 1936-1944

Population: 172 000 in 1959

Political history Tuva

Postal history Tuva

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Tuva is a landlocked country located in eastern Asia – wedged between Mongolia and Russia. Tuva, in the 18th century, becomes part of the Chinese Empire. In the 19th century, Russian influence in Tuva increases. After the fall of the Qing dynasty in China in 1911, Tuva – like neighboring Mongolia – proclaims its independence from China. At this time, Russian influence results in Tuva becoming a Russian protectorate in 1914. In the wake of the Russian revolution and the civil war that follows, Tuva, from 1917 until 1921, is contested by Chinese, Mongolian, White Russian and Bolshevik Russian forces. Eventually, with Soviet Russian support, in 1921 the independent peoples republic of Tannu Tuva is proclaimed, the name to be changed to Tuva in 1926. Tuva is a Soviet Union puppet state, its independence recognized only by Mongolia and the Soviet Union. In 1944, Tuva is annexed by the Soviet Union. Currently, Tuva – or Tyva as it is called today – is an autonomous republic within the Russian federation.

Postal history Tuva

Postal history Tuva

1936 – Tuvan with yak

The first stamps are issued by Tuva in 1926. Before 1926, Russian stamps have been used. Tuva was one of the first countries to issue large pictorials and these, not only in rectangular shape, but also in triangular and diamond shapes. Such issues  appeared in the 1930’s and are disputed. They are printed and cancelled to order in Moscow. It is contested, though, that covers with used items exist. The issues are listed in the worldwide catalogs. The stamps of Tuva are, from 1944, superseded by those of the Soviet Union.

From the 1990’s, stamps inscribed ‘Tuva’ or ‘Touva’ have appeared on the market. These are considered to be labels issued for commercial purposes.

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