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General issues: Dutch colony 1949-1962, United Nations administration 1962-1963

Country name on general issues: Nieuw Guinea, Nederlands Nieuw Guinea, UNTEA

Currency: 1 Gulden = 100 Cent 1949-1963

Population: 1 967 000 in 1961

Political history Netherlands New Guinea

Postal history Netherlands New Guinea

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Netherlands New Guinea is the western part of the island of New Guinea in southeastern Asia. Netherlands New Guinea in the 19th century forms part of the Dutch colony of the Netherlands Indies. Direct colonial rule is established in the late 19th and early 20th century. The border with neighboring British and German New Guinea – currently Papua New Guinea – is defined as the 41st degree of longitude in 1885.

When, in 1949, the Netherlands Indies gains independence as Indonesia, Netherlands New Guinea remains a Dutch colony. Indonesia, however, claims the sovereignty over Netherlands New Guinea and has international support. In 1962, the control over Netherlands New Guinea is transferred to the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority, UNTEA. In 1963, Netherlands New Guinea is transferred to Indonesia as Irian Barat[1]Indonesian for West New Guinea. . Supported by the outcome of a referendum, Indonesia, in 1969, annexes Irian Barat to become an Indonesian province.

Postal history Netherlands New Guinea

Postal history Netherlands New Guinea

1962 – UNTEA

The Dutch administration of Netherlands New Guinea issues stamps from 1950 until 1962. Before that, the stamps of the Netherlands Indies are used. From 1962 until 1963, stamps issued by the United Nations are used. These being Netherlands New Guinea issues overprinted ‘UNTEA’. Indonesia, from 1963 until 1970, issues stamps especially for Irian Barat that, from 1971, are superseded by the general issues of Indonesia.





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