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General issues: Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic 1922

Country name on general issues: Г.С.С.Р.

Currency: 1 Ruble = 100 Kopeks 1922

Population: 800 000 in 1921

Political history Mountain Republic

Postal history Mountain Republic

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The Mountain Republic is located in the Caucasus in western Asia. In the aftermath of the Russian revolution, and the civil war that followed, a number of peoples in the Northern Caucasus joined forces and, in 1917, formed the first Mountain Republic. A republic with a short but turbulent history, with several changes in leadership, and in the territories under its control. The first Mountain Republic existed until 1919. After a period of White Russian control, the Northern Caucasus, in 1920, came under Soviet Russian control. A second Mountain Republic is established in 1921, this time as an autonomous socialist Soviet republic: Gorsky ASSR in Russian. The second Mountain republic again has a short and turbulent history. Starting in 1921 – the year it is founded – parts of the republic are detached from it until the remainder is divided in 1924, when the Mountain Republic ceases to exist. Currently the area is part of several republics in Russia and still a turbulent area.

Postal history Mountain Republic

Postal history Mountain Republic

1922 – Russian issue with Г.С.С.Р. overprint

In 1922, the Mountain republic issued a total number of three stamps – including varieties, five. All are overprints with a star in a circle and the initials of the republic’s name on Russian stamps.[1]Michel and Yvert list this issue, Scott and Stanley Gibbons do not.






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