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General issues: Republic 1991-Present

Country name on general issues: Kyrgystan, ЌЬІРГЬІЗСТАН

Currency: 1 Ruble = 100 Kopeks 1991-1993, 1 Som = 100 Tyin 1993-Present

Population: 4 422 000 in 1991

Political history Kyrgyzstan

Postal history Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyzstan is located in central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is ceded, in 1876, by China to Russia and has since been part of Russia and, subsequently, the Soviet Union. The Kyrgyzstan socialist Soviet republic is formed in 1936. When, in 1991, the Soviet Union dissolves, Kyrgyzstan becomes independent as the republic of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States formed after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Kyrgyzstan has a largely agricultural economy, the export depending mainly on gold.





Postal history Kyrgyzstan

Postal history Kyrgyzstan

1993 – Independence and admittance to the United Nations

In Kyrgyzstan, until 1992, the stamps of Russia and, subsequently, the Soviet Union were used. Kyrgyzstan has issued stamps from 1992. A word of caution concerns stamps inscribed Kyrgyzstan that are not recognized by the Kyrgyzstan postal authorities. These stamps have appeared on the market since 1998 and cover a wide range of issues mainly aimed at the thematic collectors market. These issues are not listed in the catalogs.




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