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General issues: Republic 1991-Present

Country name on general issues: Kazakhstan, ЌАЗАЌСТАН

Currency: 1 Ruble – 100 Kopeks 1991-1993. 1 Teng = 100 Tiin 1993-Present

Population: 16 793 in 1991

Political history Kazakhstan

Postal history Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan is located in central Asia. Kazakhstan, from the 18th century, is part of the Russian Empire. In 1936, the socialist soviet republic of Kazakhstan is formed within the Soviet Union. When, in 1991, the Soviet Union dissolves, Kazakhstan becomes independent as the republic of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States formed by former Soviet republics after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan is known for the space launch center in Baikonur. The space center is leased to Russia for the deployment of its space program and is currently the only launch site for manned spacecraft travelling to the International Space Station.



Postal history Kazakhstan

Postal history Kazakhstan

1993 – Map and president Nasarbajev

In Kazakhstan, until 1992, the stamps of Russia and, subsequently, the Soviet Union were used. Kazakhstan has issued stamps from 1992. The first issues are disputed. Michel and Stanley Gibbons list overprints on stamps of the Soviet Union, the overprint reading ‘Kazakstan’. Scott notes that these issues were not generally available nor were they issued in values corresponding to the postal rates. Scott thus considers these issues to be of a speculative nature and does not list them. None of the catalogs list the – similar – local overprints that have appeared on the collectors market.


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