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General issues: Republic 1971-Present

Country name on general issues: Bangla Desh, Bangladesh

Special issues: Local issues 1971-1974

Currency: 1 Rupee = 100 Paisas 1971-1973, 1 Taka = 100 Paisas 1973-Present

Population: 69 744 000 in 1971, 156 600 000 in 2013

Political history Bangladesh

Postal history Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is located in southern Asia, consisting largely of the deltas of the Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers. Bangladesh is part of the Bengal region that, in 1858, becomes a province of British India. In 1946, the Bengal province is split into the predominantly Hindu West Bengal and the predominantly Muslim East Bengal. When British India gains independence in 1947, it is divided between India and Pakistan, East Bengal becoming part of Pakistan. East Bengal is renamed East Pakistan in 1955. The focus of the Pakistani government on West-Pakistan fuels the drive for independence in East Pakistan. After a liberation war, East Pakistan gains independence as the republic of Bangladesh in 1971. Concern for the many refugees the war has caused leads the former Beatle George Harrison to organize the Concert for Bangladesh in  Madison Square Garden, New York. The concert is the first large benefit concert to attract worldwide attention. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with a developing economy.

Postal history Bangladesh

Postal history Bangladesh

1971 – Liberation

Until 1971, the stamps of British India and subsequently those of Pakistan are used in Bangladesh. The first stamps issued by Bangladesh are local hand stamped overprints on Pakistani stamps and exist in many varieties. The overprint being the name of the country in Bengali and/or English. These are referred to, but not listed in, the worldwide catalogs. A first attempt to catalog these overprints is found in the list of resources on this site. The first definitives of Bangladesh are also issued in 1971.





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