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General issues: Democratic republic 1918-1920, Soviet socialist republic 1920-1923, Republic 1991-Present

Country name on general issues: Azerbaidjan, A.C.C.P., АЗЕРБАНДЖАНСКАЯ, Azərbaycan, Azărbaycan

Special issues: Baku province 1922, Nakhchivan 1993, Nagorno-Karabakh 1993-Present

Currency: 1 Ruble = 100 Kopeks 1918-1923 and 1991-1992, 1 Manat = 100 Gepik 1992-Present

Population: 2 339 000 in 1913, 9 417 000 in 2013

Political history Azerbaijan

Postal history Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan is located in western Asia. In the early 19th century, during the Russo-Persian wars, current Azerbaijan is ceded by Persia to Russia – a smaller part of Azerbaijan remaing Persian. In the wake of the Russian revolution in 1917 and the civil war that follows, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, in 1918, proclaim independence of Russia as the Transcaucasian Federation. The federation breaks up the same year upon which the democratic republic of Azerbaijan is proclaimed. A period of conflicts with Armenia – 1918-1920 – follows. Territories change hands several times during the conflict. In 1920, Russia invades Azerbaijan and the Soviet socialist republic of Azerbaijan is established. From 1922 until 1936, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are united in the Transcaucasian Soviet socialist republic. Border corrections with Georgia are effected in 1931. As the Soviet Union disintegrates in 1991, Azerbaijan proclaims its independence as the republic of Azerbaijan.

Shortly after gaining independence, Azerbaijan and Armenia – that equally has become an independent republic – face each other in an armed conflict over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. A final solution is still subject of negotiations between the two countries. Nagorno-Karabakh as of 1993 is de jure still part of Azerbaijan, de facto Nagorno-Karabakh functions as an independent republic.

Nakhchivan becomes an autonomous Soviet socialist republic as part of Azerbaijan in 1918. After independence of Azerbaijan in 1991, Nakhchivan has remained part of Azerbaijan as an autonomous republic.

Azerbaijan has seen significant economic growth since independence largely due to oil and gas exports, though other sectors of the economy have also seen growth.

Postal history Azerbaijan

Postal history Azerbaijan

1992 – Independence

In Azerbaijan, Russian stamps were used before the country issued its first stamps as an independent nation in 1919. In 1922, several post offices in the Baku province issue hand stamped overprints with the post office’s name. By agreement between the postmasters, these issues are used for different values than the face value of the stamps – an arrangement necessitated by high inflation. The stamps of Azerbaijan are, in 1923, used concurrently with those of Transcaucasia. All these to be superseded by the stamps of the Soviet Union in 1923. The republic of Azerbaijan has issued stamps as of its independence in 1991.[1]Issues that have appeared for Nakhchivan and Nagorno-Karabakh are disputed. Michel lists one 1993 issue for Nakhchivan and issues from 1993 till today for Nagorno-Karabakh. Scott does not list these issues.



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2 Responses to Azerbaijan

  1. maptrekker

    Azerbaijan was part of Persia prior to the Russo-Persian wars of the 19th century. Most of Azerbaijan was ceded to Russia with a part south of the Aras river remaining Persian. It is the Azerbaijan Region of Iran today.

    Nakhchivan is separated from the rest of the republic but was once connected by way of the Azerbaijan Region of Iran.

    The Azerbaijan Region of Iran was occupied many times by Russia over the years. There is a bogus set of Czarist Russian stamps overprinted “OCCUPATION AZIRBAYEDJAN” attributed to the Russian-British Expeditionary Force of 1917.

    There was a short-lived communist government, supported by Russia, which claimed control of Iranian Azerbaijan 1945-46. There were overprinted Iranian stamps as a resulting from this period.

    • Gerben


      Good to see you on StampWorldHistory and thanks for your reply! Your point about Azerbaijan being Persian prior to being Russian is of course correct. Also that part of Azerbaijan remained Persian. And relevant for the profiles of both Azerbaijan and Iran. I will update them accordingly.

      I was not aware of the 1917 bogus issues you are referring to. I will mention them in the Iran profile. Also the 1945-1946 issues. I found they are referred to in Scott so I will also update the list of stamp issuing entities.

      Thanks again – replies like yours are exactly the way in which visitors can aid in making StampWorldHistory a better site!


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