Annam & Tonkin

Annam & Tonkin

Annam & Tonkin





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General issues: French protectorate 1888-1889

Country name on general issues: A&T, A-T

Currency: 1 Franc = 100 Centimes 1888-1889

Population: 10 620 000 in 1901

Political history Annam & Tonkin

Postal history Annam & Tonkin

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Annam & Tonkin are two French protectorates in southeastern Asia, the central and northern parts of Vietnam. The French have increased their influence in Vietnam since the middle of the 19th century establishing the colony of Cochin China in southern Vietnam in 1864. Annam becomes a French protectorate in 1874, Tonkin in 1885. In 1887, Annam and Tonkin, together with Cambodia and Cochin China, form the federation of French Indochina. The territory of Tonkin is extended in 1888 at the expense of Thailand[1]Then called Siam. . In the French protectorates in the region the local rulers – in case of Annam and Tonkin the emperor of Vietnam – are left in power. A nominal power though, the real power rests with the French colonial administration. Currently Annam and Tonkin are part of the socialist republic of Vietnam.










Postal history Annam & Tonkin

Postal history Annam & Tonkin

1888 – A&T overprint on French colonies

France issues stamps for use in Annam and Tonkin in 1888 and 1889. Both issues are hand stamped overprints on the general issues for the French colonies.  The stamps of Annam and Tonkin are superseded by those of French Indochina as of 1892.

Michel notes that British offices using stamps of Hong Kong have existed for a short time in Haiphong and Hanoi.



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