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General issues: British colony 1888-1897

Country name on general issues: Zululand

Currency: 1 Pound = 20 Shilling, 1 Shilling = 12 Pence 1887-1897

Population: Unknown

 Political history Zululand

Postal history Zululand

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Zululand is part of southern Africa. In the early part of the 19th century a number of Zulu tribes were united in the kingdom of Zulu. The Zulu are a Bantu people that, today, still form the largest population group in South Africa. The kingdom rapidly enlarged its territory. In the 1830’s. the Zulu are confronted with the Boer, who during the ‘Grote Trek’ – the Boer migration from the Cape colony to the South African hinterland – established the republic of Natalia on Zulu territory. The Boer are expelled from Natalia by the British who, in 1843, found the colony of Natal. The Boer population moves on, mainly to the Boer republics of Orange Free State and Transvaal. Some stay on Zulu territory to found the Klip River republic in 1847 and the republic of Utrecht in 1852.The Klip River republic is annexed by the British in the year it is founded, the republic of Utrecht is to become part of Transvaal in 1858. The British invade the remainder of the Zulu kingdom in 1879, which is the start of the Zulu wars, one of the major wars in British colonial history. The British gain the upper hand and divide the Zulu kingdom into a number of smaller kingdoms that, subsequently, confront each other in armed conflict. The Boer from Transvaal support one of the Zulu leaders and are rewarded by the cession of more Zulu territory, on which the New Republic is formed in 1884. The British recognize the New Republic, albeit they require a large part of it to be returned to the Zulu kingdom in 1886. Zululand is annexed by the British as the colony of Zululand the following year. The New Republic is to become part of Transvaal in 1888. In 1897. Zululand is integrated into the Natal colony and Natal becomes part of the Union of South Africa in 1910.

Postal history Zululand

Postal history Zululand

1894 – Queen Victoria

Postal services are set up by the British as of 1888, which is also the year in which the first stamps are issued. After integration with Natal, the stamps of Natal are used, those being superseded by the stamps of the Union of South Africa.





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