South Kasai

South Kasai

South Kasai





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General issues: Republic/Kingdom 1961

Country name on general issues: Sud-Kasai

Currency: 1 Franc = 100 Centimes

Population: 1 000 000 in 1961

Political history South Kasai

Postal history South Kasai

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South Kasai is located in central Africa. South Kasai is part of the former province of Kasai in Congo. Congo was a Belgian colony that became independent as the republic of Congo in 1960. Directly after independence, Congo is faced with what is called the ‘Congo Crisis’. Congo threatens to fall apart: the official government in Leopoldsville[1]The current Kinshasa. is confronted with an opposition government in Stanleyville[2]The current Kisangani. and secessionist movements in the provinces of Katanga and South Kasai.

In Kasai – even prior to the independence of Congo – the self governing state of South Kasai is proclaimed for political, economical and ethnic reasons. Unlike Katanga, South Kasai does not proclaim full independence – the sovereignty of Congo continues to be recognized, self government is the aim of the secessionists.  After the establishment of the self governing state of South Kasai, the leader of the secession is given the honorary title of  king by the tribal leaders that support him. The secession is ended by the Congolese army in 1961. A second attempt at secession, in 1962, ends within a month. Currently South Kasai is part of the Congolese province of  East Kasai.

Postal history South Kasai

Postal history South Kasai

1961 – Leopards head

South Kasai has issued stamps in 1961. The first issues are overprints on issues of Belgian Congo – the overprint reading ‘Etat Autonome du Sud-Kasai'[3]‘Self governing State of South Kasai’ . Later, in 1961, definitives are issued. Although South Kasai was not recognized internationally, the stamps were used in both domestic and international mail and are therefore listed in or referred to by worldwide catalogs.






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