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General issues: British colony 1890-1975, British colony, self government 1975-1976, Republic 1976-Present

Country name on general issues: Seychelles

Special issues: Outer Seychelles 1980-1992

Currency: 1 Rupee = 100 Cent 1890-Present

Population: 20 300 in 1900, 89 000 in 2013

Political history Seychelles

Postal history Seychelles

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The Seychelles are a group of islands located some 1 500 kilometers east of the coast of Africa. In the second part of the 18th century the Seychelles are a French colony. The British take the Seychelles from the French during the Napoleonic Wars in 1811 – de facto, de jure in 1814. The Seychelles are administered from Mauritius until 1903, when most of the current Seychelles become a separate British colony. Later – in 1908 and 1920 respectively – Coetivy Island and the Farquhar Atoll are transferred from Mauritius to the Seychelles.

The Seychelles are divided into the Inner and the Outer Seychelles. The Inner Seychelles are the islands situated on the Seychelles plateau – part of the Mascarene plateau, a submarine plateau in the Indian Ocean stretching from the Seychelles to Mauritius and Réunion. The other islands form the Outer Seychelles. The capital island is Mahé, one of the Inner Seychelles.

As the British, in the 1960’s, gradually retreat from the region as colonies gain independence, in 1965 three groups of islands are detached from the Seychelles to become part of the British Indian Ocean Territory – the Aldabra Atoll, the Farquhar Atoll and Desroches Island – with plans for the establishment of military bases on these islands. These plans were, however, abolished – though realized elsewhere in the British Indian Ocean Territory – and the islands were returned to the Seychelles in 1976.

The Seychelles, in 1975, gain self government and, in 1976, full independence as the republic of the Seychelles. In 1977, the Seychelles  become a socialist style republic with a one party political system – in 1991 multi party democracy is restored. The population is of mixed origin, the official language is English, most spoken is Creole. Tourism and tuna fishing are the most important sectors in the Seychelles economy.

Postal history Seychelles

Postal history Seychelles

1975 – Overprinted ‘Internal Self-Government October 1975’

The first post office in the Seychelles is opened in 1861 on Mahé, where the stamps of Mauritius are used. The first stamps for the Seychelles are issued in 1890. Most stamps issued during the colonial period are of the common designs used for the British colonies. Upon gaining self government, a set is issued overprinted ‘Internal Self-Government October 1975’. The first set issued by the republic of the Seychelles commemorates full independence.

From 1980 until 1992 stamps have been issued insribed Zil Eloigne Sesel, Zil Elwagne Sesel or Zil Elwannyen Sesel for the Outer Seychelles.


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