Senegambia & Niger

Senegambia & Niger

Senegambia & Niger





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General issues: French territory 1903

Country name on general issues: Sénégambie et Niger

Currency: 1 Franc = 100 Centimes 1903

Population: Unknown

Political history Senegambia & Niger

Postal history Senegambia & Niger

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Senegambia & Niger is located in western Africa. Senegambia & Niger is formed in 1902, in a phase when French West Africa – the federation of French possessions in western Africa – goes through frequent administrative changes. Senegambia & Niger is formed from its predecessor Upper Senegal & Middle Niger and parts of Senegal – the so called ‘pays de protectorat’ – territories in the interior of Senegal that stood under French protection.[1]The exact borders of the ‘pays de protectorat’ are not to be found on maps. The map in this profile is an approximation based on period maps.

Senegambia & Niger contains a large part of French West Africa and reflects the progress of the French in colonizing French West Africa at the time. It consists of one civil territory where the French are well enough established to install civil administration. Furthermore, it also consists of three military territories – territories where the French have established themselves but yet have to be ‘pacified’ and are thus put under military administration. And, finally, a large part of French West Africa that has been awarded to France in 1885 at the Berlin conference – where the colonial powers divided their respective sphere of influence in Africa – but that had yet to be brought under effective French control.

Senegambia & Niger will only exist for a short time: in 1904 it is succeeded by Upper Senegal & Niger. In several more steps, the territory of the former Senegambia & Niger will develop into the modern day countries of Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal.

For a full overview of the political twists and turns before and after the existence of Senegambia & Niger, please refer to the country profile of French West Africa or the country diagram of French Western Africa.

Postal history Senegambia & Niger

Postal history Senegambia & Niger

1903 – Standard Navigation & Commerce design for the French colonies

The first post offices, in what is to become Senegambia & Niger, are set up from Senegal in 1890. The first stamps used are the general issues for the French colonies and the stamps from Senegal. In 1892, the Senegal post offices are transferred to French Sudan  – the predecessor of Upper Senegal & Middle Niger and Senegambia & Niger. The issues from French Sudan will be used throughout the existence of Upper Senegal & Middle Niger – that never issued stamps – until 1903 when they are superseded by the issues from Senegambia & Niger. Senegambia & Niger has issued one set of stamps of the standard Navigation & Commerce design for the French colonies. The stamps of Senegambia & Niger will be used until 1906 when they are superseded y the issues of Upper Senegal & Niger.


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