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General issues: French protectorate 1906-1907

Country name on general issues: Mohéli

Currency: 1 Franc = 100 Centimes 1906-1907

Population: 4 000 estimate around 1900

Political history Mohéli

Postal history Moheli

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Mohéli is one of the Comoro Islands off the coast of eastern Africa. Mohéli in the 19th century is a sultanate. As the French, in the second part of the 19th century, extend their influence in the region, Mohéli, in 1886, becomes a French protectorate. Mohéli is first administered from the neighboring French colony of Mayotte and from 1908 from Madagascar. Mohéli is annexed to Madagascar in 1912.

With the reorganizations of the French empire in 1946, Mohéli becomes part of the French overseas territory of the Comoros. As part of the Comoros, Mohéli, in 1975, gains independence. In 1997, Mohéli – together with Anjouan – declares independence from the Comoros. Mohéli will rejoin the Comoros in 1998 – Anjouan in 2002.


Postal history Mohéli

Postal history Mohéli

1906 – Standard Navigation & Commerce design

The first post office on Mohéli is opened in 1902. At this office the stamps from Anjouan are used until stamps are issued for Mohéli in 1906 and 1907. These stamps of Mohéli are of the standard design for the French colonies. The stamps of Mohéli will be used until 1911 when they are superseded by the stamps of Madagascar. The remaining stock of Mohéli stamps has been reissued with an overprint – a new face value – in 1912 by Madagascar for use in all of Madagascar. From 1946 the stamps of the Comoros will be used on Mohéli.



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