Kionga Portuguese occupation

Kionga Portuguese occupation





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General issues: Portuguese occupation 1916-1920

Country name on general issues: Kionga

Currency: 1 Escudo = 100 Centavos 1916-1920

Population: 4 000 in 1910

Political history Kionga

Postal history Kionga

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Kionga is located in eastern Africa. The Kionga triangle is a small part of the former German East Africa just south of the Ruvuma River that otherwise constitutes the border of German East Africa with Mozambique. The Kionga triangle is named after the town of Kionga[1]Currently called Quionga. .

During WWI, Portugal, from Mozambique, is one of the countries to invade German East Africa in 1916 – along with the Belgians from Belgian Congo and the British from British East Africa, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland. As the Germans counter attack, part of the war is fought on Mozambique soil. The Portuguese, from 1916, occupy the Kionga triangle. When, at the treaty of Versailles in 1919, German East Africa is divided, the Kionga triangle is awarded to Portugal. The Kionga triangle is annexed to Mozambique in 1920.

Postal history Kionga

Postal history Kionga

1916 – Lourenco Marques overprinted Kionga

As do the other countries for the parts of German East Africa that they have occupied, the Portuguese, from 1916, issue stamps for use in Kionga. A small set of 4 stamps is issued – overprints on issues of Lourenço Marques reading ‘Kionga’ with a new face value. Lourenço Marques is a part of Mozambique that, from 1895 until 1920, has issued its own stamps. Stamps of Kionga on cover are rare: only eight are known to exist. The issues for Kionga are, from 1920, superseded by the issues of Mozambique.




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