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General issues: Republic 1960-1963

Country name on general issues: Katanga

Currency: 1 Franc = 100 Centimes 1960-1963

Population: 1 743 000 in 1959

Political history Katanga

Postal history Katanga

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Katanga is located in central Africa, part of current Congo Kinshasa, formerly called Congo Leopoldville. Congo has, since 1886, been a Belgian colony that, in 1960, gained independence as the republic of Congo. Directly after independence, Congo is faced with what is called the ‘Congo Crisis’. Congo threatens to fall apart: the official government in Leopoldsville is confronted with an opposition government in Stanleyville and secessionist movements in the provinces of Katanga and South Kasai.

In Katanga an independent republic is proclaimed in 1960 – in part for ethnic reasons but mainly for economic reasons as Katanga is rich in mineral resources such as copper, gold and uranium. The independent republic of Katanga was suppressed by military force by 1963 – the United Nations forces stationed in Congo playing an important part. Katanga has not been recognized internationally.

Postal history Katanga

Postal history Katanga

1961 – Woodcarving of meal preperation

Katanga issued its first stamps in September 1960 – overprints on stamps of Belgian Congo, the overprint reading ‘Katanga’. A further set of overprints was issued in October 1960, now on stamps of the republic of Congo. Definitives were issued from March 1961 until October 1962.  Although Katanga was not recognized internationally, the stamps were used in both domestic and international mail and are therefore listed in all four worldwide catalogs.





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