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General issues: French protectorate 1892-1907

Country name on general issues: Anjouan

Currency: 1 Franc = 100 Centimes 1892-1907

Population: 20 000 in 1912

Political history Anjouan

Postal history Anjouan

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Anjouan – currently called Ndzuwani – is an island off the coast of eastern Africa. Anjouan in the 19th century is a sultanate that, in 1886, becomes a French protectorate, first administered from Mayotte which has been French since 1841, then from Madagascar. In 1912, Anjouan is annexed by France as a colony and made part of Madagascar, by then also a French colony.

In 1946, the French colonial empire is reorganized and Madagascar becomes a French overseas territory from which the Comoros are split off as a separate French overseas territory. The Comoros consist of Anjouan, Grand Comore, Mayotte and Mohéli. As part of the Comoros, Anjouan gains independence in 1975. Secessionist sentiments in 1997 lead to the proclamation of an independent Anjouan. When the Comoros, in 2002, are turned into a federation, to accommodate more self government on the islands, Anjouan rejoins the Comoros. When independence is again proclaimed in 2007, the Comoros, supported by the African Union, end the secessionist ambitions through a military intervention in 2008.

Postal history Anjouan

Stamps and postal history Anjouan

1892 – Allegory

Stamps have been issued for Anjouan from 1892 until 1907. These are issues of the standard template for French colonies inscribed ‘Sultanat d’Anjouan’. The issues for Anjouan are, until 1906, also used on Mohéli. After Anjouan becomes part of Madagascar in 1912, the stamps of Anjouan are superseded by the issues of Madagascar and from 1946 those of the Comoros. The remaining stock of Anjouan stamps was reissued with an overprint – a new face value – in 1912 by Madagascar for use in all of Madagascar. In the period of unilaterally declared independence, between 1997 and 2002, a regular postal service appears not to have existed on the island.


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